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George David and Elisabeth Hurley met in 1998 shortly after George moved to Colorado from Miami. They began dancing almost right away and attracted a lot of attention on the dance floor due to their unusual style. After George taught some friends how to Rueda, things really started to kick up and people were desperate to learn this crazy new version of salsa. They began teaching under the name of Miami Salsa in November of 1998, and soon they had 5 other instructors working under them. They also had a performance troupe that performed at many local events, most notably at the Denver Salsa Congress in 1999. As they taught together a friendship and romantic relationship blossomed and they were finally married in October of 2005.

After teaching salsa for years, they prefer to keep things low key these days. They teach private lessons out of their home in Thornton and around town at local events. They perform on occasion but don't compete. Dancing is not about competition for them (or so George keeps telling Elisabeth). It is about the love of movement and expression, the love of rhythm, and the joy of experiencing all of these things with other dancers. They love the street-dancing aspect of salsa. That's not to say they don't know their stuff. They just prefer to express it in fun rather than all the work and rigidity that competition means.

George and Elisabeth's style is routed deeply in the tradition of Cuban style salsa (Casino style) as it is done in George's hometown of Miami. They live and breathe Miami style, so don't ask them to show off any LA-style chops! Miami style is where it is at for them. They also love the inclusive nature of Rueda de Casino. There are few other things you can do with your friends that can really connect you all in such enjoyment as Rueda can. The focus in Rueda is no longer on your partner, but the group as a whole. And the fun and challenges this group dance offers seems limitless.

And as for their 'real' lives... George is a software engineer for Agilent Technologies. Elisabeth completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (in Film) from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2005. She works as an artist, designer, and videographer. She also writes and blogs on the side. Check out her blogs (Popcorn and a Coke, and Visual Space).
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